Permaculture is a design system for human habitat based on patterns       found in nature. We use Permaculture's guiding principles throughout our yard.

Our home-grown items often find their way onto your breakfast menu - even in winter!

Our Gardens

What can you grow in the middle of town in a semi-northern climate like Cochrane? Quite a lot, it turns out! We're experimenting with how much of our nourishment we can coerce out of our urban yard in the most ecological way possible.




 raspberries, apples, pears,

sea buckthorn, gogi berries,

    asparagus, rhubarb,

edible and medicinal herbs, 

vegetables of all kinds,

sunflower seeds, 

dried beans, 





Our goal is many-fold:

  • to explore local alternatives to exotic, shipped/trucked-in foods and, in so doing, lessen our dependance on an industrial food system for our sustenance

  • to practice and demonstrate a degree of regenerative living on a very do-able and aesthetically-pleasing scale

  • to engage more deeply with earth and place

garden adjacent to tiny house
Kale, chard, etc. in raised bed
ripe raspberries in garden